Forge Team Bonds with VR!

Incredibly EXCITING and ENGAGING simulations

Free Consultation

One of our representatives will be able to explain how our process works, the potential applications VR/AR have, and help identify key performance skills (KPS\’s) for your team or organization.

A Plan in Place

Following the free consultation, we will work diligently to craft a plan for your team that capitalizes on the (KPS\’s) defined through carefully vetted VR experiences.

A Virtual World Awaits

Get ready to take off to another world where fun can be had, skills can be enhanced, and a new reality for your team can be formed.

“The power of VR is really changing the way people perceive the world. They learn how to respond. And after practicing in that virtual world, they are much more confident and capable.”

-Emily Keshner, a professor of physical therapy at Temple University in Philadelphia



Talent Development

Our team building program is focused on harnessing the interpersonal communicative skills that takes your team to the next level. There\’s a couple key takeaways for each participant.

Employee Relations

All team building VR experiences are incredibly fun and engaging which will bring the whole team together in an atmosphere designed to maximize team rapport.

Behavior Based Coaching

Our proprietary Team Functionality Analysis (TFA) will enumerate key behaviours during the program through video recordings and a post program wrap up.


Team Building VR\’s program is an absolute blast and a recap video will be produced as both a momento for the team\’s that participated as well as for recruitment assets for your recruitment pipeline. 

Promote Creativity

The virtual worlds provided by team building VR will activate the creative juices within the team. Each world offers a new lens to explore creativity from 3D modeling to escaping a room.

Organizational Development

Bringing the whole organization together to experience new worlds, forge new memories, and rally behind team collaboration is an excellent driver of unity within the organization.


We\’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with a handful of companies focused on building team dynamics and employee wellness:

USC is one of our Team Building Partners
ZEFR does team building activities
WAIAKEA does team building activities
Snapchat does team building activities

Interested in learning more?

Team Building | VR

\”Is designed to be an incredibly fun yet effective tool for teams looking to connect on a deeper and more lasting level. Please feel free to reach out as we\’ve designed our program to meet the needs of your company and our virtual reality program will take you to another world.\”

Rob McCarty, Co-Founder/CEO