Because workplace safety has no room for error. Run your employees through life-like virtual reality scenarios to limit risk, increase employee confidence, and gather actionable insights around your workforce. 

What is Safety1st Virtual Reality?

Safety1st VR is a series of virtual reality safety modules developed by Team Building | VR alongside the leading experts in OSHA compliance. Built to serve the direct safety education needs for employers, Safety1st VR is an ongoing database of virtual reality experiences that tackle sensitive issues within the organization from Heat Illness to Lock Out/Tag Out.


How does it work?

  1. Team Building | VR conducts a free consultation with you the employer to identify key areas of concern, risk, and/or loss. 
  2. Depending on the area of interest, Team Building | VR will either create a custom solution or License one of its current Safety1st VR modules to the employer
  3. Team Building | VR will work directly with the operations, L&D, HR, and/or other employee development teams to seamlessly integrate VR training into the existing employee education and on-boarding program.
  4. Team Building | VR provides ongoing data, insights, and reports on employee involvement.


Why VR Training?

Safety Errors are Costly:

Deductibles, payouts, premiums, administrative headaches, laborious paperwork, PTO, and not to mention penalties that are non-tax deductible expenses only serve to add to the stress of workplace injuries.

Actionable Insights:

From tracking the aptitude and performance of your employees to spotting gaps in employee comprehension, VR data and insights will help provide you ownership over your training processes.

Subject Matter Retention:

The science is out: “The retention level a year after a VR training session can be as much as 80 percent, compared to 20 percent retention after a week with traditional training. (Training, 2018)”

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