Behind the Technology

Virtual reality simulations improve our abilities in a variety of ways

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How VR Works

A brief glimpse into the science that drives the teambuildingvr program.
How virtual reality effects the brain



Virtual reality creates presence, a psychological connection between the virtual world and your mind. 

-(Slater, Usoh, and Steed 1994).

When introduced to a virtual environment, the brain uses visual, audio, and movement queues to create a sense of connection or “presence” to your surroundings
virtual reality brings a sens of embodiment in the frontal lobe


Self-identification with the VR world creates ownership of the experience and a fidelity to the computer generated self.
the goal of virtual reality is presence in the simulation


Through presence and the embodiment of the experience, virtual reality participants interpret virtual situations as real life and are capable of using this as a groundwork for self improvement, skill building, and improved team dynamics. 

Ask the Professionals

  • “[Virtual reality] connects humans to other humans in a profound way I’ve never before seen in any other form of media, and it can change people’s perception of each other. “That is why I think virtual reality has the potential to actually change the world.”

    Chris Milk, Influential Producer/TED Talk

  • “The medical uses are pretty amazing. We’re seeing the perfect confluence. Anything you can do to train people more quickly, effectively, and cheaply is a boon to the healthcare industry. VR is a rapidly evolving technology that solves a lot of problems here.”

    Tony Parisi, Unity Technologies

Key Team Building Outcomes

The following are team building skills that our program focuses deliberately on improving


Research shows that good communication, mixed with strong organizational support, competence among the group leaders and clear group objectives can lead to the highest level of success in teams. Among those factors, good communication has shown to be the most important for success.



“No matter the type of industry you’re in, creativity should be a part of your everyday practices. New ideas, or unexpected combinations of ideas, can help you grow your brand, create hot new products and services, land more customers, get more referrals, entice investors, and much more.”

(Adam Fridman, Founder of Mabbly)



“When people do things they weren’t even sure they were capable of, I think it comes back to connection.  Connection with teammates.  Connection with organization.  Feeling like they belong in the environment.  I think it’s a human need – the need to feel connected. ” 

(Theo Epstein, the President of Base Ball Operations at Chicago Cubs World Series Championship)

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