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How long does the program take?

The program takes about an hour and a half per team. For larger groups (over 16 people), the entire activity can be set up as a half-day (3 hours) or a full-day (6 hours).


What are the space requirements for the program?

The space requirements can be adjusted depending on the size of the group. A typical room should be at least 10’ x 10’.


What is the room set up for the program?

The room setup can vary depending on the number of teams and selected VR games. A typical room will contain a virtual reality headset, an external display, a monitor stand, a laptop, a video camera, a table, and chairs for the participants.


How much time is required for set up?

Set up for our program typically takes two hours.


How much time is required post-program?

The break down of our program typically takes between 45-60 minutes.


What audio/video components will we need to provide?

Don’t worry–we take care of all the audio and video components 😊.

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