Virtual Reality Experiences

A brief look into some of the VR experiences driving the team building experience

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Oculus Go

For each program we warm up with experiences that help acclimate teams to the virtual reality experience. The Oculus Go is a portable headset that doesn’t require a wire based connection to a computer to operate. The resolution on an Oculus Go headset is comparable to the best headsets available on the market. Here are some Oculus Go experiences we start off with to warm you up to virtual reality:

The Fortress

Designed to bring fans of music into their favorite artists music videos. This VR program will offer new and returning users a fun way to explore new worlds driven by the music of some of electronic, rock, and edm’s most influential artists.


Face Your Fears

Not for the faint of heart. Face your fears does an incredible job of taking the participant out of any environment they are in and transporting them into a sinister landscape ripe with scares. Face Your Fears doesn’t disappoint and is an excellent way for new visitors to VR to become immersed.

Guided Meditation

If your needing a reprieve from the scares of Face Your Fears or even from your workload then the Guided Meditation Oculus Go app is the one for you. Jump into serene environments designed to soothe and relax so that you can find your inner zen before jumping into the main team building activities.

Full Virtual Reality Rig

Using a top of the line virtual reality capable computer, both hand remotes, and a superior audio system, these experiences are a little taste of what’s available for your team building experience. These experiences are the publicly available, non proprietary experiences that will bring you and your team deeper down the VR team building rabbit hole:

Tilt Brush Pictionary

You may have seen Jimmy Fallon bring this awesome program by Google to life with his celebrity guests playing VR Pictionary. The rules are simple, we supply the artist in the headset with a word or phrase that they have to draw in this 3D painting world while you the audience have to guess what it is. Hint: this is great for VR newcomers.


Beat Saber Rythm 

Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and now Beat Saber! This virtual reality experience takes a play out of some of the best and most successful music driven games and to become one of VR’s most played and most addicting experiences. With a remote in each hand, your goal is to slice through blocks with your light saber on the beat of the music playing in your headset. Sounds easy, right? You will have to see for yourself!

Richie’s Plank Experience

Last but not least comes Richie’s Plank. This experience is sure to drive some laughs, some yells, and some screams, as you’re tasked with walking the plank on a 20 story building. Watch in amazement as your team members forget they’re in an office and truly embrace what makes virtual reality so powerful, it’s immersion.

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